Dr. Tina Chou brings a reputation of professionalism, compassion and caring to Toronto Mobile Veterinary Services. Here are a few words of appreciation from content clients:

Dear Tina,
We need to express how much we truly appreciate the love and care that you exhibited for Brody and for our family…Whatever path you choose to follow in your career, your strengths certainly include your compassion, devotion not only to pets, but to their people. Don’t rule out a private practice. You would quickly create a loyal and devoted clientele. Thank you again from the bottom of ours hearts.
—Love, Sue, Ted and family and of course Brody.

Dear Dr. Chou,
We want to thank you for looking after Winston. We missed him so much and were very worried, but knowing that you were there to watch over him during the days made it a little easier on us. We can see that your job is not only something you are good at, but something you are passionate about and as the owners of a sick doggie for so long, we wanted you to know that this made a difference to us. Thank you again for all your care, patience, and love given to our boy Winston. We honestly will never forget it.
—Lisa, Jacques, and Winston.

Dearest Dr. Chou
A few weeks ago you took care of our cat, Biscuit (and us) in the last 24 hours of her life. She loved fresh laundry, right out of the dryer, especially her special towels. She spent most of the Christmas season under the tree on a home-made, quilted tree skirt that she preferred to be, uncluttered by presents. She had been great company for me during Neil’s three hospital stays in the past 10 months, and then kept Neil company during his recuperation at home. We miss her terribly, but we know that loss is an inevitable part of having a pet. We appreciate the caring treatment that she, and we, received from you, Dr. Chou, as well as the technical support staff. I’m sure different owners want different things from you, but we feel you did and said exactly the right things for us. Thanks so much.
—Neil and Jan.

Dear Dr. Tina,
I wanted to thank you for all your expertise and effort to try and keep Mickey Mouse comfortable. It was a terrible shock and a deep hurt for Don and I to lose him. He had personality plus and the neighbour said that he lived each day to the fullest. He ate a great deal so I couldn’t believe that he was skin and bones in the viewing room.Thank you for keeping us informed almost every minute and being straight forward with us. The animals will be lucky to have you as their Doctor. Thank you again.
—Maryanne and Don